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Scientific innovations for food production

The Red Area projects deal with the quality and safety of important domestic food production sectors. The focus is on plant-based foods such as oils, oilseeds, nuts, pulses, bakery products and vegetables, but also on the safety and quality of water, dairy products, fresh meat and meat products.


  1. Innovations for plant-based foods
  2. Innovations for the dairy industry
  3. Innovations for the meat industry


  • Strengthening aspects of sustainability and circular economy in food production
  • Improving food safety, tolerance and shelf life
  • Innovations for water quality assessment
  • Increasing the crisis safety of food businesses through improved contamination management

Solutions pursued at the centre

  • Optimisation of production processes to reduce process-related contaminations
  • Physical product stabilisation to reduce failures and increase safety
  • Use of microorganisms for the production of physiologically valuable products
  • Development of value-adding utilisation possibilities of by-products
  • Use of molecular biology and bioinformatics to identify entry pathways and hotspots of undesirable microorganisms
  • Method development for detection and quantification of undesirable microorganisms


Mag. Viktoria Neubauer, PhD
Scientific Leader Red Area 

Austrian Competence Centre for Feed and Food Quality, Safety and Innovation

Technopark 1D, 3430 Tulln, Austria